Sunday, March 16, 2008


A bought a squat little bottle of Tuthilltown Manhattan Rye Whiskey a couple months back and, for whatever reasons, never got around to writing about it. Now, I find there's barely a shotful left, so I'm sitting down to record a few impressions before it's all gone. (I suspect my wife in its sudden disappearance.)

Tuthilltown, for those who don't known, has been the subject of a lot of ballyhoo because it is the first legally produced rye to come out of New York State in more than 70 years. (The Hudson river company also does Bourbon.) It is double-distilled and aged in American oak, is done in small batches and costs a hell of a lot for 375 ml.

So, the color is a beautiful orange-amber, the nose rich and fruity and a bit stinging. And the taste. Well, perhaps I've taken a long time to write about this is because I've taken a long time to warm up to it, and I'm still not there. This rye is sharp in character. It pierces and pricks. It's not for the lily-livered. There's a medicinal, woody quality to it. I say this all within the framework that this is a spirit worthy of respect and consideration. I just get the feeling its a young product, and will grow in subsequent bottlings. I'd love to taste a Tuthilltown 10-year-old rye when they have one.


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zoo76 said...

I tasted this rye whiskey for the first time, last weekend in NYC. I found it to be quite floral on the nose and taste. It showed a smooth texture, much older than its actual age. Overall, this is a pleasant rye and unique enough, in a good way, to justify the price.