Monday, February 18, 2008

A Weird, Great Muscat

Who ever heard of a Vin de Pays Muscat Sec? I mean, they make 'em, but who sees them over here?

Not me. So I had to buy this Mas Las Cabes Muscat Sec when I saw it at Smith & Vine, my local wine store. And I'm glad I did.

I don't think much about Muscat. Does anybody? Beside the people who grow it, I mean? This one comes from the Roussillon region of southern France. Jean Gerdies makes it. It's all Muscat, and all dry, but with a soft, graceful mouth feel (uh, hate that term, but that's what it is). It's a bit viscous. Honey, melon and gooseberry, a little lime are what you'll get. There's a mineral underpinning as well. The nose is a little honey dream. The finish is mild.

It's all just really interesting. And cheap! $14! I'm going to buy up a bunch. Gardies is supposed to be a young genius of the area. I'm going to look out for other wines of his.

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jonfromcali said...

Gwen and I have been huge fans of Mondavi's Moscato d'Oro ever since we sampled it at a vineyard tasting a decade ago. It's hard to come by outside California--or at least it used to be--but we can get it at the local BevMo.