Tuesday, September 4, 2007

An Apology, and An Explanation

I've been a bit missing-in-action the past two weeks. I apologize to what few steady readers I have who were frustrated at seeing the same damn item I posted back on Aug. 17 day after day after tedious day.

I have excuses ready. I had a guest-blogging gig at a fairly big website the week of Aug. 20-24 that ran me ragged (can't say which, since I worked under a pseudonym, for reasons I am going to be mysterious about). And last week I was attending a three-day, intensive seminar on Sake—a beverage of which I was largely, but am no longer, ignorant. More on that in a later post. So, I'm alive, and will try to post most regularly now that fall is here and wine and spirits are increasingly need to keep the winter chill off.

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