Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Sipping News

Maker's Mark makes one thing and that's the way they're going to keep it. [Chuck Cowdery]

Surplus-plagued Australia is busy ripping up wines. [Adelaide Now via Dr. Vino]

Another Bordeaux vintage that's supposed to be the best ever. [Telegraph]

Eric Asimov wants you to give the Carignan grape a chance. Hey, I always have! Rustic, earthy and wonderful. [The Pour]

Michael Broadbent's libel action against Random House, publishers of Benjamin Wallace's 'Billionaire's Vinegar', has been settled out of court. [Jamie Goode]

Everyone seems to be trumpeting the wines of Jura lately, this time Alice Fiering.

Shocking: The New York State Liquor Authority thinks beer pong is not that great an idea. [Gothamist]

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