Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another Speakeasy in South Brooklyn

Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, restaurant Frankie's 457 climbs on the cocktail bandwagon this week. The popular eatery and wine bar has opened Prime Meats on Court Street. Aside from a dining room, and a small retail booth, the place will have a "tap room" on the second floor.

The tavern, per Eater, has an "1890's bar, 1870's chandelier, antique punch bowls, and hand painted wall paper. The seating in the back of the tap room looks as if it came from an old schoolhouse. The dining room space next store is almost a mirror image of the tap room (as far as size goes) minus the bar, and it will be ringed by plush red banquettes."

The cocktail list (below) has some classics, like the Martinez, Old-Fashioned, Champagne Cocktail and Manhattan, and some odd twist on classics like the Applejack Sazerac and an Absinthe Crusta. Some are made with homemade bitters. There's also a punch that, based on the price of $5, is served by the glass.

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