Friday, September 5, 2008

My Rocks Glass Runneth Over

I'm beginning to feel a little spoiled over here in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. I already has a fine wine store in Smith & Vine and a top of the line liquor store in LeNell. Then wine and cocktail bar Jake Walk opened up on Smith Street in March. A few months later, Julie Reiner's spendiferous Clover Club opened a few blocks to the north. There was no not getting a good cocktail on Smith.

But it doesn't stop. A few doors down from Clover Club, at 196 Smith, comes Char No. 4, a whiskey bar extraordinaire. I just rode by the joint and they said they'd be open for biz next Tuesday, Sept. 9. Char No 4 will feature more than 150 whiskeys, all American. Bourbons, Ryes, Tennessee Whiskey, stuff from states you never thought made whiskey. There will also be a "tight wine list" (one of the owner's a sommelier) and Southern-style food.

The place was supposed to open Sept. 15. But, said my source, "We kinda got done."

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