Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Chenin Found!

I found the Moulin Touchais 1971 that I raved about on this blog a few weeks back! I was trolling about at Crush, the Upper East Side wine shop, looking for things I had seen at the recent Polaner spring tasting. I saw the 1998 of the great sweet Chenin Blanc from the Loire. Great, I'm sure, but the 1971 preyed on my mind. Nonetheless, I set a bottle of the 1998 aside to buy and then went into the back room where the rare wines were.

Looking through the stacks, a staffer suddenly raised a bottle out of nowhere and said, "Look." It was the 1971. They didn't even know it was there! It wasn't reserved for anyone. I bought it. I am a happy man. I may open in ten years or so.

The Crush folks also told me they had gotten ahold of some cases of the new vintage from Sancerre producer of distinction, Andre Vaton. The old guy threatens every year to retire forever. He's done so again this year, and Crush believes he may be on the level. Why take chances? I put myself down for three bottles.

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